Brumos: An American Racing Icon, The Ultimate Artist’s Edition

In honor of Brumos Racing’s 50th anniversary celebration of their overall wins at the 1973 24 Hours of Daytona and the 12 Hours of Sebring, The Ultimate Artist’s Edition of Brumos: An American Racing Icon is making its public debut. While the contents of each book-set are the same four-volume set as the numbered Collector’s Edition – containing 1600 pages of Brumos history, illustrated by over 2900 images – the slipcases for each copy of the Ultimate Artist’s Edition are the personal artistic expression of some of America’s finest modern and automotive artists. The books are each numbered in the series of the Collector’s Edition books, beginning with 001 and continuing through 010, plus two Author’s Proof editions. Each one is signed and dated by the artist.

Artists participating in this very special edition, by serial number, are: 

001: Frank Stella - A Brumos Starburst


© 2023 Frank Stella / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

New York City-based artist Frank Stella first became known as a leader in the minimalist art movement in the late 1950s. Since then, he has broken away from the flat picture plane to create art that is bursting from not only the frame, but the wall and into monumental three-dimensional space, a process that now employs computer technology and can include paint, metal, and carbon fiber, among other materials.

More than just a participating artist, Stella’s connection to the Brumos family runs long and deep. He was a person friend of Brumos principal Peter Gregg, who he met when he designed the 1976 BMW Le Mans car driven by Gregg and Brian Redman. Now he continue a decades-long friendship with American’s most successful endurance sports-car racer Hurley Haywood.

For #001 of the Brumos Ultimate Artist’s Edition, Frank Stella chose to show his deep connection to the Brumos family by creating a slipcase design for the book. It’s geometric shapes, which visually explode off the surface, give an entirely new abstract expression to the Brumos logo. The slipcase was signed and dated by Mr. Stella and will be an invaluable centerpiece for any collector of Brumos memorabilia and/or fine art.

Brumos Ultimate Artist’s Edition #001 by Mr. Stella was auctioned for $5000.00 during the Broad-Arrow automotive auction on Saturday March 4, at the Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island. Proceeds benefitted the Amelia Legacy Charities, which include Spina-Bifida of Jacksonville. 

002: Shan Fannin - Brumos 1975 Daytona Win 

Shannon “Shan” Fannin was born in Long Beach, California. She earned a college scholarship to pursue an art teaching degree for special needs children education. However, life had other plans. After a 25yr hiatus from an art career, Shan returned to school to refresh her abilities. Then, when her husband added a 1961 Ford Thunderbird to their family garage, she began attending car shows with him. Mesmerized by the reflections and sleek lines, Shan made the correlation between their bodies and the figurative drawings she had been making. She became a professional artist in February 2015. Many categorize her work as Photorealism, occasionally boarding on Hyper Realism. However, Shan prefers the balance of 10% abstract/90% realism in her paintings. She’s participated in many group and solo exhibitions and her list of artistic awards and media publications is impressive. 

On the Brumos Ultimate Artist’s Edition #002, Shan has depicted the Brumos Porsche Carrera RSR as driven by Peter Gregg and Hurley Haywood in the 1975 24 Hours of Daytona. It was a dramatic win for the “Batman and Robin” pair, who were almost taken out of the race in the first hour by an accidental run-in with another racer. Shan’s painting depicts the damage the car suffered in remarkable detail, her painting of the famous number-59 car wrapping all the way around the slipcase. The top of the slipcase features the famous red and blue Brumos stripes surrounding the ubiquitous 59. This book will make a stunning addition to the library of any hardcore Brumos fan.

Shan’s piece will be auctioned in spring of 2023 at an event to be determined. Watch this space for the date, event, and beneficiary. Or, call author Sean Cridland at 505-206-4522.

003: Jeff Zwart - A Storyboard of Brumos History

Born in Los Angeles, Jeff Zwart is an American commercial film director, racer, photographer, cameraman and author for Porsche, BMW, Cadillac, General Motors, Hyundai, Ford and more. In 1979, after graduating from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, he began work as a still photographer shooting Road & Track Magazine covers, calendars, and article photos. In 1989, following an American Photography Magazine cover story on Zwart’s automotive photography work, he was given the opportunity to direct television commercials. He joined Jon Kamen and Frank Scherma to form Zwart has published three books in collaboration with David Bull Publishing and is a monthly contributor to the Porsche Club of America’s Panorama magazine. In addition to his photography and videography work, Zwart is well known as a racer and rallyist who counts among his successes two US Pro Rally Championships and eight class wins at the internationally famous Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. When asked if he would participate in the Ultimate Artist’s Edition program, Zwart jumped at the chance.

For Brumos Ultimate Artist’s Edition #003, Zwart applied his skills as an experienced story-boarder from his commercial work. He has carefully studied the entire history of the Brumos Racing Team and has hand-drawn several scenes from Brumos history on the front and back of the slipcase. Of course the spine of the slipcase features the famous number 59, made famous by Peter Gregg and Hurley Haywood. For Porsche fans, Brumos fans, and Jeff Zwart fans, this piece is a one-of-a-kind item that will be a prized attraction in any collection.

Jeff’s piece is scheduled to be auctioned in late March at an event at the Ingram Collection in Raleigh, North Carolina. Please watch this space for details. Or contact author Sean Cridland at 505-206-4522.

004: Bill Patterson - Brumos Through the Ages

Bill Patterson is an internationally acclaimed fine artist with a career spanning thirty-five years, living in Texas, USA with works owned by multiple celebrities and worldwide corporations such as Microsoft, FedEx, BMW, Porsche and Ferrari to name a handful. Although the focus is on commissioned fine art, over a million dollars has been raised by his painting live at many charity galas such as The Austin Hatcher Foundation (Official Charity of IMSA), St Jude's Children's Hospital and United Way. His paintings have sold for as much as $50,000 and now have homes in Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany, England, Venezuela, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, South Africa, and many locations in the United States. ​His paintings are well known for depicting motion and emotion in various racing scenarios and are often recognizable by his stunning use of color and motion.

Patterson can often be seen in NASCAR and Indycar victory circles and has been featured in USA Today for his painting the winning cars just as they come off the track.

For Brumos Ultimate Artist’s Edition #004, Bill has visualized three distinct periods of Brumos history. As he said, “As a huge fan of Sportscar racing and author Sean Cridland, I was extremely excited to be asked to contribute to this groundbreaking project. However, there is a staggering amount of history and several significant story lines in these volumes. It took a while to wrap my head around how I could possibly do it justice, but Sean helped to distill my thinking and I found a combination of images that resonate with me, and, hopefully, the eventual owner of this unique item.”

The front of the slipcase shows the 2011 championship-winning Porsche 911 driven by Leh Keen and Andrew Davis. The back depicts the Porsche RS60 driven by Bob Holbert, Roy Schecter, and Howard Fowler to second place overall in the 1960 12 Hours of Sebring. The spine shows the 1975-winning Porsche RSR of Peter Gregg and Hurley Haywood at Daytona. Patterson is well known by private and corporate automotive art collectors around the world and his painting of the Brumos book slipcase will hold a place of honor in any collection. 

Bill Patterson’s painted slipcase #004 will be auctioned to benefit the Austin Hatcher Foundation (the official charity of IMSA) at a date to be determined during spring/summer 2023. For more information watch this site or contact the author Sean Cridland at 505-206-4522. 

005: Kelly Telfer - The Cars and Stars of Brumos Racing

A third generation Californian, Kelly Telfer was attending car racing events long before he became one of America’s preeminent automotive artists. He witnessed his first race in 1959 at Monterey’s Laguna Seca Raceway at age four, having ridden there in his parents 1952 MG TD. His heroes from the glory days of racing include such great drivers as Sterling Moss, Dan Gurney, Carrol Shelby, Mark Donahue, and Rick Mears. From kindergarten on, most of his school papers had cars drawn all over them.  

At the age of 15, he and his brother started racing VWs at Fremont Raceway, Fremont, California; then Super Modifieds at San Jose Fairgrounds Speedway.  Kelly designed and printed the race team shirts and soon, everybody else wanted Telfer-designed shirts! By age 20, he had started O. Tee Shirts, which turned into one of the largest motorsports-specialty T-shirt companies in the United States. Over the next couple of decades, he created art and apparel for many top racers, tracks, and manufacturers, including Mears, Andretti, Petty, Earnhardt, Senna, Mansell, the Daytona 500, Laguna Seca Raceway, Monterey Historics, Long Beach Grand Prix, Indy 500, Monaco F1, as well as Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, NASCAR, Indy Car and F1. His creative energy has landed his motorsports artwork is in the collections of race drivers, sponsors, and featured in many national art shows.

Telfer is currently the official artist for the Porsche Club of America’s Annual Porsche Parade, and the Porsche Club of America’s Werks Reunion events at both Monterey and Amelia Island.  He is the official artist of Laguna Seca Raceway and one of the bestselling artists at both the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, CA and LeMay -  America's Car Museum in Tacoma, WA.

For the Brumos Ultimate Artist’s Edition #005, Telfer has elected to show several of the cars and stars of Brumos. His cover is of Hurley Haywood’s Porsche 917 Can-Am car diving through Laguna Seca’s famous Corkscrew complex. The back on the box is a multi-panel showing Haywood driving the 1973 Daytona-winning Porsche Carrera RSR through the infield at Daytona with Peter Gregg in the background deep in thought. In the shadows is a scene of the 1971 Porsche 914-6 Haywood and Gregg drove to the very first IMSA GT championship. On the spine are a pantheon of Brumos principles. At top are current Brumos owner Dan Davis with legendary Brumos crew chief Jack Atkinson peering over his shoulder. Below them, Bob Snodgrass concentrates on team strategy. The top of the slipcase shows a very-young Hurley Haywood listening to team instructions from an out-of-scene Gregg. For those who love Brumos history and lore, this is a piece that will proudly go front and center amongst a thorough collection of Brumos memorabilia.

Brumos Artist’s Edition #005 will be auctioned to benefit The NASCAR Foundation at an event to be determined during spring/summer 2023. For more information watch this space and/or contact the author Sean Cridland at 505-206-4522.

006: Dwight Knowlton - The 1973 Brumos Breakthrough Win at Daytona


Dwight Knowlton is a husband, father, and enthusiastic car-guy. He is the founder of Carpe Viam Productions, LLC, an automotive apparel brand focused on the joy and history of vintage and collector cars. He is the author of multiple award-winning kid and adult friendly books including The Little Red Racing Car, The Small Silver Speedster, The Greatest Race with Sir Stirling Moss, and Destined for Victory: the story of the birth of Porsche, culminating in the first win at Le Mans in 1951.

As a fine artist, Dwight has been the poster artist for famed concours and events the world over, including the Amelia Island Concours, the Greenwich Concours, the Bernina Gran Turismo and more, and is a sculptor and craftsman of bespoke trophies, awards, and gifts––with clients including Porsche, Hagerty, Jay Leno’s Garage, the Seattle Art Museum, the Ferrari Club of America, and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. 2023 marks a renewed focus on fine art.

For his custom design of Brumos Ultimate Artist’s Edition #006, Knowlton took a multifaceted historical approach. The front-piece shows the 1973 Brumos Carrera RSR as driven by Peter Gregg and Hurley Haywood leading the race at that year’s 24 Hours of Daytona, a milestone for the team as their first international-level win. The reverse side shows three brand logos from different periods in Brundage Motors/Brumos history. The spine shows several of the racing numbers Brumos used before finally settling on 59. And the top shows the hood of the 1973 RSR, complete with oil and gas filler caps. Knowlton goes a step further by also painting the inside of the slipcase with a scene from the 1973 Daytona race.

This is a unique piece of motoring memorabilia that would be the star attraction in any enthusiast’s library or garage.

Knowlton’s contribution to the Brumos Ultimate Artist’s Edition will be auctioned in June 2023 at an as-yet named Porsche-themed event. For details, watch this space or contact author Sean Cridland at 505-206-4522. 

007: Kate Cook - From the Brundages to Brumos at Daytona

Kate Cook, owner and artist of Asphalt Canvas Custom Art, is well known for vibrantly colored works derived from her är təˈ mō-tiv™ Method”, in which she creates custom art inspired by her clients ideas, using automotive paints on canvas and metal. Using quality inks, hand-crafted brushes, and vibrant automotive enamel paints, her art is crafted on several different surfaces, including metal, canvas, the sides of buildings, and more. She landed her first commission at the age of 16 to do illustrations for a children’s book, The Legend of Douglas Fir. That gave her the impetus to attend college at the University of Mary Hardin Baylor where she received her Bachelor of Fine Art degree in studio art. She is a licensed Ed Roth/Rat Fink artist and her work has been featured on the Magnolia Network and seen at SEMA, Chopper Fest, and in Speed & Kulture Magazine, Hemmings, and Hagerty Media. Cook has also been the featured guest on the Woman Shifting Gears, Cars Yeah!, Rod & Style, Kustom Couple, Gnarly Magazine, All Girls Garage, and Femcanic,  podcasts. She can also be seen in her own film In the Studio with Kate Cook. Her work is in private collections across the United States and throughout Europe.

For the Brumos Ultimate Artist’s Edition #007, Kate Cook Has recreated several scenes from Brundage Motors and Brumos history. The front of the slipcase shows the 2011 Grand-Am championship Brumos Porsche crossing the finish line at Daytona. The back of the slipcase shows George Huntoon, driving Ira Brundage’s Duesenberg-Miller to victory at the 1950 Palm Beach Shores Grand Prix, a win that catapulted the Brundage family into the world of racing and to form Brundage Motors, and later Brumos Porsche. The spine of the box shows several of the numbers the Brundages and Brumos raced with over the years, all tinted in Brumos red and blue. And the top of the box shows Brumos founder Hubert Brundage in his MG at the start of the 1950 Bridgehampton Grand Prix. Colorful and vibrant, this is a beautiful piece which will be a great addition to any Brumos fan’s collection.

Cook’s contribution to the Brumos Ultimate Artist’s Edition #007 will be auctioned at a Porsche-themed event to be held during June of 2023. For details, watch this pace or call author Sean Cridland at 505-206-4522.

008: Lyn Hiner - Daytona 1994 Brumos 964 GT America


Lyn Hiner studied art at the Pratt Institute in New York, then worked in the business world as the trade show manager for Performance Racing Industry. That experience helped shape the course of her life as she decided to become a professional artist. Even a horrific accident in 2012 which had her in the hospital with 2nd & 3rd-degree burns, several surgeries and occupational therapy couldn’t keep her from her artistic pursuits. In November 2017, she launched her Cars on Canvas "Petrol Collection” at the SEMA Show Artwalk.

Regarding her participation in the Brumos Ultimate Artist’s project, it’s been a kind of “coming home.” Her dad rebuilt and raced Porsches when she was very young, so the distinct sights, sounds and smells of those beautiful machines were embedded from those early memories. 

Over the years Hiner’s work has been recognized internationally at many juried fine art shows, world class automotive concours, and other distinguished events including:

Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance, Audrain Newport Concours & Motor Week, ArtExpo San Diego, Beverly Hills Art Show, Global Auto Salon Riyadh Saudi Arabia, High Point Market, Kaaboo Del Mar, Mission Federal Artwalk San Diego, Laguna Beach Festival of Arts, La Jolla Art & Wine, La Jolla Concours D’elegance, RetroAuto Pebble Beach (Monterey Car Week), The Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel, Fountain Hills Art Festival, SEMA Show, Saratoga Automobile Museum, Petersen Automotive Museum, The Palm Beach Cavallino Classic, Ferrari Club Of America Cars On 5th Concours, Werks Reunion and more.

For the Brumos Ultimate Artist’s Edition #008, Lyn has depicted the 1994 Brumos Porsche 964 GT America in her own inimitable impressionistic style, with the red, white, and blue Brumos colors practically oozing off the slipcase. The front of the slipcase shows the rear quarter of the car, the opposite side features the nose of the car, and the spine and top both feature the famous Brumos stripes and number 59. For those aficionados of automotive art and literature, this is a one-of-a-kind item that would be the center piece of any collection.

Hiner’s contribution to the Brumos Ultimate Artist’s Edition #008 will be auctioned at an event to be determined during the summer of 2023. Watch this space for further details or contact author Sean Cridland at 505-206-4522.

009: Stephen Selzler - Brumos 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RSR

Stephen Selzler of Dallas, Texas is a fine artist/designer with a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. His artistic influences include pop and post-modern movements, including but not limited to the artists Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Keith Harding, Norman Rockwell, Art Fitzpatrick, Frank Lloyd Wright, Wayne Thiebaud, Anselm Kiefer, Syd Mead, and Saul Bass. His artistic pursuits are currently focused on automotive culture, concours events, and Motorsport. In addition to his fine art, he is a practicing graphic designer and brand strategist servicing various luxury and aspirational brands across North America.

For Brumos Ultimate Artists Edition #009, Selzler has depicted the 1973 SCCA Trans-Am and IMSA GT series winning Porsche 911 Carrera RSR as driven by Peter Gregg and Hurley Haywood. His work is an interesting combination of both ultra-realism and Impressionism making the depiction of this classic German-American road racer appear to be both static and dynamic. More than automotive art, this is a piece that could be found in any of the best galleries and will certainly look impressive in a home library or a corporate office.

Stephen Selzler’s contribution to the Brumos Ultimate Artist’s Edition will be auctioned to benefit the Petersen Automotive Museum. Watch this space for further location and scheduling details or contact author Sean Cridland at 505-206-4522.

010: Samantha Zimmermann - Brumos at Daytona

Working almost exclusively in oil paint and graphite, Florida-based Samantha Zimmermann is a fine artist who specializes in realism, especially focused on automotive and motorsports subjects. For Zimmermann, it's not just the cars and the atmosphere that are awe inspiring, but also the people behind the scenes. Samantha's work often features a mix of driver portraits and paintings of cars on track. Typically showcasing historic race cars from the 70's and 80's, but also more modern subjects. She loves creating pieces from the Golden Age of racing, an iconic era that was a turning point for innovation in motorsports. Her work captures the element of speed and the mood of intense personal drama, to take the viewer the trackside, reliving the experience. You are guaranteed to feel the heat and hear the turbo flutter when viewing her pieces!

Her work can be found in private and motorsports collections, and she attends numerous concours and racing events throughout the year.

For Brumos Ultimate Artist’s Edition #010, Zimmermann has depicted several different Brumos Daytona scenes. The cover shows several cars from the Brumos Collection at speed on the banks of Daytona as a tribute to the many overall and class victories the team has taken the storied track. The back of the slipcase shows the Brumos 58 Daytona Prototype taking the closest Daytona win in history during the 2009 race. The spine shows Peter Gregg in deep concentration and driving through the infield portion of the course during the 1973 race. The top of the box shows 1980s Brumos owner Deborah Gregg readying herself to drive the Tiga-Porsche GTP Lights car. And the bottom of the box colorfully plays tribute to several eras of Brumos Racing Porsches. Zimmermann’s work will be proudly displayed any enthusiast’s collection.

Samantha Zimmer’s contribution to the Ultimate Artist’s Edition #010 will be auctioned to benefit the International Motor Racing Research Center in Watkins Glen, NY at a date to be determined in summer of 2023. Watch this space for more details or contact author Sean Cridland at 505-206-4522.

Author’s Proof: Thiago Romero - Peter Gregg at Work

Now a resident of Florida, Thiago Romero was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and is a contemporary artist specializing in motorsports art. His pieces are most recognized for their unique and distinctive technique of "abstract expressionism”. His work has been exhibited and sold internationally, including special projects he’s done with the IndyCar, IMSA and F1 series, and commissioned paintings for racing icons such as Rubens Barrichello and Emerson Fittipaldi. 

In addition to motorsports, Thiago has also produced series that feature flags, waves, cars, racing helmets, geometric shapes, letters, and numbers. His style is characterized by a vibrant, expressive, and spontaneous approach, obtained by the rapid application of different shades of acrylic paint, water and other elements.

While developing his artistic career, Thiago also worked as a journalist for over 15 years with some of the most influential media companies in Brazil, including TV Globo, TV Cultura, and Folha de S. Paulo. When reporting for the Metropolis TV show, he was introduced to artists of different styles and schools when they visited the television studio for live interviews and to promote the exhibition of their works. Exposure to these new artistic concepts and processes proved to be a great influence on Romero’s artistic pursuits.

​Thiago balances his passion for painting with action sports. While he paints almost every day, he finds creative inspiration while skydiving, surfing and paramotoring. 

When asked to paint one of the Brumos Ultimate Artist’s Edition “Author’s Proof,” Romero chose to focus on Peter Gregg at the peak of his performance. The front side of the slipcase shows Gregg’s helmet as it would have been placed in pit lane, waiting for him to put on just before his next driving shift.  The spine shows the famous Brumos colors surrounding the number 59. The back side of the slipcase shows Gregg at work in his all-conquering Porsche 935, as he drove to championships in 1977 through 1979. All sides are done in Romero’s dynamic impressionist style, giving a great feel for the motion of a true racer.

Romero’s contribution to the Brumos Ultimate Artist’s Edition will be auctioned to benefit The Piston Foundation at a date to be determined during the summer of 2023. For more details, watch this space and/or contact author Sean Cridland at 505-206-4522

Author’s Proof: Jay Ward - Sally Carrera and Lightning McQueen


Jay Ward is well known in the automotive community as the Creative Director of the wildly popular Cars franchise at Pixar Animation Studios. After graduating from the California College of the Arts, Jay has been working at Pixar in production since late 1998, starting with Monsters, Inc.  He is often seen at car events throughout California and serves as a judge for many prestigious concours events around the country including Pebble Beach, Audrain and Amelia Island.

For his Brumos Ultimate Artist’s Edition Author’s Proof, Ward played with the iconic Brumos blue, red & white colors by giving his own hand-painted renditions of the Cars characters Sally Carrera, the 996 Porsche, and Lightning McQueen, the hero Piston Cup racer.  Whether you are a Brumos fan, a Disney and Pixar’s Cars fan, or simply a collector of unique automotive art, this would be a fine addition to any enthusiast’s collection.

Ward’s contribution to the Brumos Ultimate Artist’s Edition will be auctioned during the spring/summer of 2023 to benefit the Auto Immunity Foundation For more details, watch this space and/or contact author Sean Cridland at 505-206-4522.

Brumos: An American Racing Icon

Brumos: An American Racing Icon by Sean Cridland covers the entire history of the Brumos team, going back to its roots in the early days of the 20th century, all the way up to the opening of the Brumos Collection in January 2020...and everything in between! The three volume set contains 1,500 pages with over 2,000 images, many never before seen.  
  • Volume 1 Chronicles the historical events that led to the creation and development of one of the world's most legendary teams. 
  • Volume 2 Describes the explosive 1970s when Peter Gregg, Hurley Haywood, Jack Atkinson, and Porsche owned American GT racing.
  • Volume 3 Examines the challenges and victories of Brumos in the post-Peter Gregg era, from early 1981 until 2020.

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